Canada's tallest peak: Mount Logan, elevation 5956 metres, in the St Elias mountain range, Yukon Territory

Looking left, past the T-bird's tip tank

Somewhere between Fort Nelson and Whitehorse

The historic McKenzie River

Admiring the scenery

Disappointement Glacier. There must be a good story behind the name! Mount Hubbard (elevation 4581 metres) is in the background, on the Alaska border

The peaks in this part of Kluane National Park were around 3000 metres. They later seemed surprisingly small, after flying around the largest peaks in the St Elias mountains

Kaskawulsh Glacier. In this view from about 5500 metres, the South Arm enters from the lower left, joing the main flow of the glacier

The summit of Mount Logan is on the right. Thirty kilomtres beyond, on the far left, is Mount St Elias in Alaska (elevation 5489 metres)

The north face. It's not for first-time climbers, they say

This mountain is massive! It spans over 15 kilometres at its base

King Peak, elevation 5173 metres, just to the west of Mount Logan. Alaska is in the background, to the west

We took turns flying and shooting. Here, we're high above Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory

Kaskawulsh Glacier. Aviation buffs, note the yaw string on the nose of the aircraft - a throwback to the early days of jet flight

Looking forward from the front cockpit. The Glacier is about 5 kilometres wide at this point, and over 50 kilometres long

500 metres over the glacier

Not necessarily the ideal place to eject

Banking over the Dusty River, enroute to the glacier that feeds it

Broad, deep crevasses span the Lowell Glacier, as seen here from about 500 metres above the surface

Large, deep pools near the toe of the glacier

These icebergs were in a lake along the Alsek River, at the toe of the Lowell Glacier

And we lived to tell the tale!

'57 T-bird. It's kind of hard to start and the cockpit has no cupholders, but other than that the plane handles badly and the gas mileage sucks. I love it!