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Lars Volstad as a young man in Norway


Norway is a beautiful and proud country, and Lars always loved to return there


Thorvald & Clara Vølstad with sons Torger, Lars, and Tor


The family farm at Austvoll, Høyland (now in Sandnes), where Lars was born


A page from his "Karakterbok" (school report card)


On the farm with his prize bull


In occupied Norway during World War II, people needed a German pass like this


Fishing in Norway


Lars graduated from business school in Norway and made good use of that education throughout his career


Like all young men, he served his time in the military


In Liverpool, on the first trip to Canada


His Norwegian passport, bearing his Canadian Landed Immigrant stamp of 19 April 1956.  Lars later became a proud Canadian citizen, but always kept his connections with friends and family back in Norway


Janine and Lars cutting the cake on 17 August, 1957, in Janine's home town of St Séverin, Quebec


At work in the bush, in northern Quebec


A bumper crop in Hauterive, Quebec


One of many visits back to Norway; this one with first son, Mark


At a seed farm near Toronto, with Mark and Eric


On the day of daughter Clara's baptism


With Eric in the garden in Clarkson, near Toronto


Like Lars, the kids had a wide variety of interests - and we still do, in large part due to our dad's great support and enthusiasm


From his humble roots as a survey rod man in northern Quebec, Lars worked his way up through the ranks in the heavy construction business in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.  Among many other projects, he superintended construction of the Saint John Regional Hospital...


...Saint John's Market Square...


...Charlottetown's Atlantic Veterinary College...


...and Moncton's Blue Cross Centre


A happy and proud grandfather!


Forever young at heart.  Lars, helping test-drive the wagon he built for his youngest grandson


Enjoying retirement in Dieppe, New Brunswick


Christmas, 2004.  Front: Lars Volstad and Janine Ayotte Volstad, married 17 August 1957. Standing, from left: son Eric with wife Alysia (née Sharp) and daughters Kristen (8) and Amanda (11); son Mark with wife Lylah (née Arpon) and children Angela (11) and Bruce (23); and daughter Clara with husband Mark Butland and sons Alex (10) and Evan (7).  Dad was tremendously proud of his family.


Janine and Lars, married 47 years.  This is our last photo of Dad, taken just before he passed away.



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