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Our good-byes
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  • We said goodbye to Dad at his funeral on Monday, 7 March 2005, at Chartersville Funeral Home in Dieppe, New Brunswick.  Thank-you to all who joined us on this very special occasion.


  • Please make any donations to the Salvation Army, or to the charity of your choice.



  • His friends and relatives write:

"He lived an impressive life, one to be proud of, as you all are.  I'm sorry for your loss, but his special qualities will continue to live in his children."

"We shall all feel the loss of this terrific husband, father and friend."

"I will always keep excellent souvenirs of uncle Lars - such a warm and generous person. He took my kids around his garden and showed them the secrets of vegetables."

"He was an amazing man!  I’ll never forget the time he took [us] to the top of Brunswick Square in the “High Speed Elevator”, while it was under construction.  That was cool."

"He...stepped up,  when straight to the fridge and brought back a jar of pickled herring he had prepared himself - with obvious pride. Without asking me, he served me a piece of it. Now, I really had not expected that, and I was telling myself that I should have kept my mouth shut !  Then, I figured I could not afford to look like a coward, and I decided I could not refuse it. I ate it, and much to my surprise it was quite good, although I must admit I would not have it for breakfast !"

"The lost of your father is strongly felt by us...he was a father's figure to us."

"I can see clearly the almost-constant smile that Lars wore... He was a good, kind, competent man, who I enjoyed meeting and working with."

"Je découvre  encore cet homme merveilleux. Il demeure dans nos coeurs et nos pensées. On ne peux oublier son sourire et son charme."

"...he certainly always seemed like a "cool father"... As an  member of the 1st Gondola Point Venturer Company I will always remember his affinity for volunteering and how he was quick to assist when required."

"I remember Lars' exceptional work on the construction of our building. The Atlantic Veterinary College is really standing the "test of time" and is a lasting testament to his construction skills."

"...he lived enough for 2 or 3 people"

"...he met the news [of his cancer] peacefully and accepted the facts of life and death. I sincerely hope that I am able to show as much grace when my time comes."

"Uncle Lars and Tante Janine have represented hospitality and generosity for me - two important ideals for me."

"Lars was a wonderful man whose spirit was obvious to all who met him."

"...he had made a contribution to the betterment of mankind. In the end, that is what really matters."




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