We should decorate our apartment's balconies this way.




The Queen Mary 2 just left her dry dock here yesterday.




Some of these boats are part of Hamburg's public transit system.




We drove to the city of Schwerin, an hour and change east of Hamburg in what was once East Germany. 







Boat houses with thatched roofs.













An old bridge, leading to the small island that is home to Schwerin Castle.




Guarding the castle.



Beautiful Schwerin Castle - or should I say, a part of the castle that isn't under  renovation.  (I told a worker, "Hey, man, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it".  But he didn't laugh.  Instead, he just looked at me like I was talking in a different language or something.)















Kristen exiting stage left (in tow of Shadow).



















We took a detour on the way home, stopping at Wismar on the Baltic Sea.  We were more interested in food than anything at this point, so I didn't take many pictures.



It may not be Baroque, but it sure is bent pretty good.



The End